Deliberations 2019


You can read, download, the deliberations of the community councils of the Land of Tronçais in PDF format

Community Councils of 2019

Council of 19-11-2019

D201988-Review of The President’s Decisions

D201989-Mr. Rondet’s appointment for the signature of the publication form in the land advertising register of the transfer of built and unbuilt properties of the Mixed Union for the Tourism Development of the Forest of Tronçais and its region (SMAT) to the community of communes of the Land of Tronçais

D201990-Minutes ofmaking hiking trails available to the community of communes

D201991-Help for Associations (Hedgehog Social Club, Vitray Festivities)

D201992-Help to the association Le P’tit Bastringue

D201993-Allocation of three aid under the programme -Better Living


D201995-Competition fund in the municipalities of Braize and Hedgehog


D201997-Admissions in non-values

D201998- Realization of a loan of 700,000 euros for the main budget

D201999- Authorization to commit, liquidate, mandate capital expenditure before the vote on the 2020 budget


D2019101- Award of the contract for work related to the restructuring of the Hedgehog School

D2019102 – Amendment Decision No.4 – Main Budget

D2019103 – Request for grant from the Department under the Allier Territory Contract – operation of leisure facilities

D2019104 – Request for grant from the Department under the Allier Territory Contract – restructuring of the Hedgehog School


D2019106-Avenant to the Ambition Region Contract

D2019107 – Grant application for the restructuring of the Hedgehog School under the Ambition Region Contract

D2019108 – Application for grant for digital equipment for schools under the Ambition Region Contract

D2019109 – Pirot Trail Grant Application under ambition Region Contract

D2019110-Creation of a school officer position at 29.16 hours per week annualized with job being eliminated at 16.47 hours per week annualized

D2019111-Creation of a school officer position at 23.72 hours per week annualized with job being removed at 7 p.m. weekly annualized

D2019112-Creation of an administrative management and communication assistant position at 28 hours per week with the removal of the contract agent position at 17 hours per week

D2019113-Creation of a position of head of general affairs and full-time resources

D2019114-Making available to the director of the community of communes in the commune of Cérilly

D2019115-New organization of the School Leisure Home service

D2019116- Amendment of the internal regulations of leisure hospitality

D2019117-Help for corporate real estate – aid scheme for the years 2020-2021 and renewal of the agreement of partial delegation of the competenceto grant the real estate investment of companies with the Department

D2019118-Aid to downtown commercial activities – aid scheme for the years 2019-2020 and partial delegation of the authority to grant businessreal estate investment to revitalize commercial activities in the city centre

D2019119-Correction of deliberation No. 2019-33 on the regulation of the use of the mini-bus

D2019120-Membership of the 3 cities of Montluçon, Moulins and Vichy to the Allier Departmental Energy Union

D2019121-Response to the call for expressions of interest -air quality – in partnership with the Allier Departmental Energy Union

D2019122-Participation at the 2020 Departmental Trades Show

D2019123- Lease agreement between the Community of Commons and the E. I.R.L Jean CAROZZI VISIOCOM for the provision of a 9-seater advertising vehicle

D2019124-Motion of the Assembly of communities of France – Intercommunities – the time for stability has come

D2019125-Sale price of the randofiches of the Land of Tronçais

D2019126-Convention between the Prefete of Allier and the Community of Municipalities of the Land of Tronçais for the electronic transmission of acts to the representative of the State

D2019127-Roadworks 2019-final funding plan

D2019128-After-School and Extracurricular Rates 2020

D2019129-Attribution of a competition fund to the municipalities of Ainay-le-Château and Braize

D2019130- Request for grant from the Department under the Allier Territory – Tronçais Forest of Exception

D2019131-Convention on the maintenance of public reception facilities in the State Forest of Tronçais

Council of 02-09-2019

D201976 -appendix pdf

D201976 – Community of Commons Activity Report 2018

D201977 – Review of the President’s decisions in the context of the delegation of power given by the Council

D201979 – Budget annex wood platform – amending decision No.1

D201980 – Extinct

D201981 -appendix pdf

D201981 -Avenant No.3 to the agreement to make services available to the municipality of Ainay the Castle

D201982 – Help with corporate real estate for the revitalization of commercial activities in the city centre – Help to the company EURL DOUSSET, via the SCI DOUSSET in Urçay

D201983 -annex

D201983 -Partnership agreementt

D201984 – Constitution of a steering committee for the creation of a Maison France Services and carrying out an analysis of social needs

D201985 – Support on the 03 Pays de Tronçais of the association A bicycle without age for the purchase of a scooter

D201986 – Main Budget – Amendment Decision No.3

D201987 – Better Living Programme – allocation of aid

Council of 11-07-2019

D201952 – Grant request from the Department for Operation Tronçais Exceptional Forest

D201953-Competition fund in the municipalities of St Caprais and Valigny


D201955-Admission in non-value

D201956-Program to live better – cancellation of aid

D201957- Better living programme – allocation of aid

D201958-Subsidies to associations

D201959-Perception in place of the Cérilly SICTOM of the Household Garbage Removal Tax

D201960- Madam Treasurer’s Advice Allowances

D201961- Update of the compensation scheme related to functions, subjections, expertise and professional commitment (RIFSEEP)

D201962-Main Budget – Amendment Decision No.2

D201963-Help for small businesses, crafts and services with MIMOSA SAS point of sale in Cérilly

D201964-Need of the territory in terms of social support – report of phase 1 and validation of phase 2

D201965 – Project to enhance the Land of Tronçais – report of Phase 1 and request for validation of Phase 2

D201966 – Authorization to recruit contract workers for non-permanent jobs to meet a temporary need related to seasonal increase in activity


D201967- Convention on the authorisation of land use for the practice of tree-framed climbing


D201968-Change of the name of the hiking circuit from Châteloy to The Crests to Hedgehog renamed the Aumance circuit


D201969-Convention on the Departmental Observatory for Public Services

D201970- Compensation of the mileage costs of BAFA leisure trainees and the cost of their meals at the leisure reception

D201971-Purchase of land from the Zone of Economic Activities of the Signeux Field to the municipality of Cérilly

D201972 – Application for grants for the development of the entrance to the Forges of Tronçais

D201973 – Request for grants for the restructuring of the Hedgehog School

D201974- Call for Project Innovative Digital School and Rurality (ENIR)

D201975 – Grant application to the region for Operation Tronçais Exceptional Forest – Pirot Pond Circuit Development and Signage

Council of 14-05-2019

D201937-main budget amending decision No.1


D201939-competition funds in the municipalities of Ainay the Château Le Vilhain Couleuvre Hérisson St Bonnet Tronçais

D201940-competition fund at the municipality of Valigny – development of public spaces shared between the town hall the intergenerational hall and


D201941-endorsement No.2 to the PV for the provision of personal property and buildings relating to the school competence of the municipality of Valigny

D201942-competition fund in the municipality of Meaulne-Vitray – development of a communal restaurant for the elderly of the commune

D201943- Oxygen Grant Application


D201945-extinct claims

D201946-admission in non-value

D201947-final draft of the restructuring of the hedgehog school


D201948-endorsement1 to the agreement to provide services to the municipality of Le Brethon


D201949-Renewal of the agreement to make available a community officer to the Intercommunal Union of Cré


D201950- provision of a hedge grinder acquired by the community of communes from the commune of Theneuille

D201951 – exceptional grant for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris

Council of 20-03-2019

D201918-1-Main Budget Management Account 2018


D201919-Administrative Account 2018 of the Main Budget

D201920-1-Management Account 2018 of the annex budget wood deck


D201921-Administrative Account 2018 of the annex budget wood platform

D201922-Assignment of 2018 results to the 2019 main budget

D201923-Assignment of 2018 results to the original annex budget 2019 wood platform

D201924-Primary Main Budget 2019

D201925-Budget annex primitive wood deck 2019

D201926-1-Tax Rate


D201927-1-Household Garbage Removal Tax


D201928-Avenant No.3 to the Territory Contract Allier

D201929-Better granting


D201931-1-Pre-report on the principle of a transfer contract in the form of a public service delegation for the campsites of Champ Fossé and the Scots


D201932-Public Service Delegation Commission-Member Election

D201933-1- Update of minibus regulations


D201934-Confirmation of the appointment of representatives of the community of municipalities of the Land of Tronçais at the general assembly of the Inter-Community Tourism Office (OTI)

D201935-1-Convention to make the reception premises available to the Inter-Community Tourism Office of the Heart of France


D201936-External accompaniment for the enhancement of the Land of Tronçais

Council of 07-02-2019

D201901-Budget guidance 2019

D201901-Budget Guidance Report 2019

D201902- Request for grants related to the restructuring of the Hedgehog School

D201903- Application for grants for the development of the entrance to the Forges of Tronçais

D201904 – Departmental grant application for road works 2019

D201905-Living better-allocation two grants


D201907-Competition fund in the municipality of Braize

D201908-Competition fund at the commune of Hedgehog

D201909-Avenant No.1 to the Pond’s Supply-Farm Agreement

D201909-The Pond’s Ready-to-Go Convention

D201910-Convention with the rural social centre-Relay Maternal Assistant

D201910-Convention with the rural social centre-Relay Assistant Kindergarten-2

D201911-Statutory Amendment of the SDE03

D201911-Statuts SDE03

D201912-Power purchase orders group with SDE03

D201913-Adherence to FREDON Auvergne

D201914- Partnership agreement with the ALLIER ICC

D201914- Partnership agreement with THE ICC Allier-2

D201915-Appointment of a delegate to the technical monitoring committee of the study at the PETR Resource

D201916-Opinion on the extension of the multidisciplinary health home in Cérilly

D201917-Support for the resolution of the 101st Congress of Mayors and Presidents of Intercommunity