Social Affairs

Les partenaires de la COMCOM

The intervention of the community of communes is reflected in a financial partnership with 1 structure, within the framework of the 2017-2020 youth children’s contract:

The social center of Lurcy-Lévis for the RAM on which the municipalities of Couleuvre, Valigny and Isle-et-Bardais depend.



The community of communes provides associations (priority associations for children’s children) with two 9-seater minibuses. These vehicles are available free of charge. You just have to pay for the fuel you’ve consumed. The minibuses travel an average of 20,000 kilometres per year and meet a real need.

The restaurants of the heart

The local association Les Restos du Coeur uses two half-days a weekto transport beneficiaries who cannot travel on their own.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

Since 2016, the Region has been developing a regional public carpooling platform without commission fees for users. In response to the proliferation of sites, the aim was to consolidate the supply and demand for carpooling to avoid dispersal and provide more visibility to users. The Region pays for the development costs of this service, and makes it available free of charge to employers and local authorities who implement actions to promote and facilitate carpooling.

Discover the new version of MOV’ICI, the regional publiccarpooling platform.


Every year, the community of communes organizes Oxygène. This event is aimed at kindergarten and primary school students, as well as middle school students. The event takes place in May and welcomes nearly 700 children in the forest of Tronçais. With the support of the Departmental Council, the community of communes takes care of the transport of children, the rewards, the presence of a team of 4 first responders.

Tronçais autrefois