The budget


The Community of Commons is a public institution with its own taxation. This means that it levies taxes on households and businesses. Comparing the level of tax rates between communities of municipalities requires caution because it all depends on the tax system of the community on the one hand, the powers exercised on the other hand, and finally the fiscal potential of the territory. In other words, it is normal for a community of municipalities that exercises a lot of jurisdiction, in a territory with low tax potential, to have higher rates than a community that has little jurisdiction in a tax-advantaged territory.

In 2020, the tax rates of the community of communes remain the same as in previous years:

  • Housing tax: 4.76%
  • Property tax on built properties: 2.72%
  • Property tax on unbuilt properties: 7.64%
  • Business property tax: 25.9%

The 2020 budget

The primary budget is the first mandatory act of the community’s annual budget cycle. It must be voted on by the deliberative assembly before 15 April of the year to which it refers. For the community of municipalities in the Land of Tronçais, the budget is voted on 10 March 2020. It tracks all planned and authorized expenditures and revenues for the calendar year.

The community of municipalities in the Land of Tronçais has two budgets: the main budget and the budget annex wood platform.

Each budget is necessarily balanced in operation and investment. It also respects the budgetary principles of sincerity, annuity, unity and universality.

Each budget necessarily covers the repayment of the debt capital by resources sufficient to its operation (savings or self-financing). The community of municipalities, such as local authorities, cannot borrow to finance its operating expenses. Borrowing is a resource intended solely to finance its capital expenditures.

This year, in new spending, priority is given to roads, which account for 57% of new investment expenditures. Investments in schools account for 75% of the remaining 2019.

The main budget for 2020 is balanced in expenditure and revenue at 7,529,358 euros: 4,867,644 euros for operations and 2,661,714 euros for investment.

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