Exceptional forests

The Forest of Tronçais gets the national label

The objective of the program is to enable Tronçais to offer a quality of welcome to the public worthy of its rank.
This includes:

  • Reception, information, guidance;
  • the discovery of flora and fauna;
  • Animation.

The “Exceptional Forest” programme involves the NFB, the community of municipalities, forest users through associations such as the Society of Friends of the Forest of Tronçais, Allier Nature, fishing and hunting companies, institutional partners (State, Department, etc.). A partnership agreement was signed between the community of communes and the NFB on June1, 2011.

In 2014, for example, the community of communes financed the creation of the kiosk at the Guardian round, the renewal of the welcome furniture (shelters, tables, benches) and signage. In 2015, it has developed a trail accessible to people with reduced mobility and equipped with interpretive furniture, on the edge of the pond of Saint-Bonnet (245,800 euros HT subsidized by the State (32.8%) Department (44.4%). In 2016, the community of communes had slats installed for pedestrians, mainly around the ponds (15,000 euros). For its part, the NFB carried out the development of the Buffévent futaie in Richebourg, and the creation of a large shelter at the Thiolais circle.

The year 2017 was marked by great success. While there are a thousand state forests in France, and only 17 of them can qualify for the exceptional forest label, we got it. As a result of close collaboration with the NFB and local associations, this label will allow us to continue our development work in the Forest of Tronçais. We plan to invest 500,000 euros over the next 3 years. To finance these projects, we responded to a call for regional projects and contracted with the State and the Department.

In this context, the development of the Futaie Colbert II and the development of the circuit around the Pirot Pond were carried out.

Finally, the signage of major sites will be strengthened.

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