The office

The responsibilities of the president are those that belong to any local executive. It prepares and executes the deliberations of the deliberative body, it is the orderer of expenses and prescribes the execution of the revenues of the community of communes (art. L. 5211-9 of the GSC). He is the head of EPCI’s services and represents epCI in court.

He may delegate, under his supervision and responsibility, the exercise of part of his duties to the vice-presidents or, as long as the vice-presidents are all holding a delegation, to other members of the office. Finally, the President can sub-delegate the attribution delegation he received from the deliberative body to the vice-presidents (art. L. 5211-10 of the GSC).

The Office has 11 members, the President, 7 vice-presidents and 3 delegates. The work of elected officials is organized around 7 committees:

  • General means and general administration (administration, finance, staff)
  • Economic development of agriculture and the wood sector (management of business areas, relations with companies, wood sector, conversion of forges)
  • Roads and town planning (definition and programming of works)
  • School affairs and leisure facilities (definition and programming of work in schools, harmonization of school operating procedures)
  • Tourism development and communication (welcoming the public in the forest, partnerships with the Mixed Tourism Planning Union (SMAT) and the Tourist Board)
  • Social affairs, associative life and sport (relationships with social centres, mobility)
  • Culture, heritage and environment.

They meet at the initiative of their Manager according to the files to be dealt with. They have an advisory role and prepare decisions for the community council.

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