Help with corporate real estate

Help with corporate real estate

In addition to the Department, the community of communes provides assistance on corporate real estate projects.

In partnership with the Department, a co-financing rule is established based on the nature of the projects in its territory:

Montant : 10% minimum de la participation départementale
Implantation ou création d’une nouvelle entreprise d’exploitation (hors TPE) 10%
Création d’activités nouvelles sur un site existant nécessitant un outil immobilier adapté. 10%
Création d’entreprises (TPE)10%
Développement d’activités nécessitant extension ou rénovation d’un site existant10%
Relocalisation ou création de sites secondaires10%

A tripartite funding agreement (Community, Department, Company) specifying the respective participations will be established project by project.

The Department is committed to implementing the delegation granted to it in accordance with the scheme adopted by the Community. The Department is responsible for:

  • to investigate requests for aid made by beneficiaries eligible for the scheme, whether they are filed directly by them or transmitted by the support structures or by the Community of Commons/Community of Agglomeration,
  • to allocate and pay aid to beneficiaries according to the conditions set out in the aid allocation agreements,
  • to ensure the legality of aid (respect for the maximum ceilings allowed, participation in the annual economic aid assessment carried out by the Region to the European Commission), as well as the legal watch on state aid,
  • to animate the scheme by informing the relevant services of any current application or project in the territory and the progress of the files, by issuing proposals for development, by organising an annual technical committee, by drawing up in agreement with the Community the appropriate tools and modes of communication with companies and beneficiaries of the aid (supports, logos, notifications…).

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