The Community of Commons intervenes in the following ways:

  • assistance in the fight against unsanitary conditions and the deterioration of housing with assistance of 5% of the amount of work capped at 2,500 euros /housing;
  • helping to self-care and home support with assistance of 10% of the amount of work capped at 500 euros /housing;
  • Energy retrofit assistance with a flat-rate aid of 1,000 euros /housing;
  • assistance in the exit of the housing in the town centre with assistance of 20% of the amount of work capped at 2,000 euros / housing;

The assistance provided by the community of communes complements the aid of the ANAH, the Department and the pension funds.

For further information, contact the Department’s Habitat Cell on 04 70 34 41 84 or pris03allier.fr

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